Sunday, 31 July 2011

Skipper Smith's Smackathon Sets up Success in the Sunshine

Saturday results digest.


Holy Cross 238/5
C. Ellis 85, E. Smith 78 (including 4 sixes!!) , O. Mazher 22, K. Fraser 20.

Largo 100 ao (37.3 overs)
S. Warrender 19
G. Trewartha 4/23, R. Bainbridge 4/30.


Edinburgh Accies 2nds beat Holy Cross 2nds by 4 wkts. HX 105 ao, Accies 107-6. 4 wickets for Gerry, who is on a hattrick the next time he bowls.


Holy Cross 3rds beat Leith FAB 3rds by about 101 runs. HX 230-9 : LFAB 129. 70-odd for PVB.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Jugs Galore - Caption Competition

Lohan: I bowled my socks off, you know.

Comely Barmaid: That explains it. I thought the drains were blocked.


Lohan: I've got five kids you know.

Comely Barmaid: Jug!

A pint of gassy yellow stuff for the most humorous contribution, as judged by me. Smut welcome but no filth please.

Tonight's Friendly - OFF

EU Staff unable to get a team out.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Media Hype

Here The Scotsman previews this Sunday's Activcity Twenty20 clash and the Holy Cross skipper heaps praise on his "slower" bowlers.

Excellent to see three good reports from this weekend's bangathon!

League Weekend 15 and the Week Ahead

Saturday's fixtures -
  • 1sts vs Largo, at Arbo - umpire, Bruce Dixon.
  • 2nds vs Edinburgh Accies 2nds, at Newfield.
  • 3rds vs Leith FAB 3rds, at Leith Links.
  • Club barbecue at Arbo in the evening.
Sunday -
  • Activcity Trophy Finals Day at Myreside - 12.30, semi-final vs Morton, with the winners progressing to the final against Marchmont or Drummond-Trinity at 4.00.
Midweek -
  • Tuesday night, friendly vs Scottish Widows at Arbo.
  • Wednesday night, Parks Trophy final vs Murrayfield DAFS at Newfield. Prompt 6pm start.

Bang 3

PVB writes - Drummond arrived early but Ken kept them waiting until 1.50 - good tactic that! Ken looked like an overloaded mule as he arrived with several holdalls carrying mugs, kettle, food, drinks, kit and everything but the kitchen sink - such are the joys of captaincy.

We won the toss and decided to bat on an extremely slow wicket. Ken missed an early one which cut away and clipped the offstump - I reckon it was good enough to get Tendulkar out (with or without a virus? - Ed) - and Irfan was soon lbw. Meanwhile PVB got off the mark with a streaky inside edge and it was left to Amjid to show his batting ability with sound defence followed by several lusty blows including an almighty straight six which brought a huge smile to his face and allowed PVB to prod and poke until drinks.

Following Amjid's rapid 24, it was time for Mike. The first thing he said to PVB was that he thought cover was a little deep and maybe the odd quick single was on. Saner Crossers might have urged caution but PVB, throwing caution to the winds, said "Go for it". Sure enough, Mike's first ball was hit straight to cover and a nippy single ensued, followed by ever more ludicrous runs including one to short gully. OK, maybe we should have been out a few times but it livened up proceedings. At the other end, PVB was applying the long handle until he trudged off, caught at mid-off. But no, Pietersen-like, he was recalled from the dead by the astute umpiring of Lawrie and McGill who spotted that an Alan Matthews-style beamer had caused his downfall.

PVB (83) and Mike (32) could see Matt warming up with intent on the boundary so as soon as the 100 partnership was achieved, PVB made way for the Kiwi who hit the most glorious six in an undefeated cameo.

Only a good team would get 193, we thought. But the Drummond openers were stylish, as if showing the coastal-eroding Cross openers how to take command of an innings. It was impressive stuff as first the odd pie and then good length balls were skilfully dispatched. But, fortunately, they kept losing wickets - the first when Abdul held a very good catch at deep mid-on. Dave got the three key wickets, helped by a smart catch by Irfan who kept wicket admirably and let no byes through - how many keepers do we have? Time, then, for McGill and Ellis to slow things down. Then we saw the benefits of youth (What? From McGill and Ellis? - Ed) as Iain Oliphant (Oh, I see - Ed) took two catches, one diving full length, and whipped in a return to run out the DTs' best bowler - rather like some of Billy Bowden's decisions on day 5 of the Test, the call of not out was met with astonishment. Perhaps it shouldn't have been such a surprise - Richard had already been no-balled for not having any part of his foot in front of the return crease ......

Enter the smiling Abdul, now nicknamed Deadeye, as he threw the stumps down three times, one of which resulted in a run out as the batsman hesitated. All in all, the team spirit was marvellous, just as one would expect from any HX side, and the fielding first rate (just as one wouldn't expect - Ed), helped by Ken and Coco who set an astute field. Coco kindly gave Drummond some hope with his first ball which was carted for six, but no more gifts ensued and he and Richard put a stranglehold on the opposition. Iain then showed us his skill with the ball by taking the last wicket and the leaders, all out for 128, had lost for the first time this season and sportingly acknowledged that they had been beaten by a better side. Crosstastic!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bang 2 - Swing Lohan

After weeks of rain, it was a beautiful Arbo day for once. The Skipper won the toss and put Falkland in, hoping that a slightly sticky wicket would get easier as it dried out. This was surprisingly sensible - the sun was so strong that Shifty, returning from touring the Dordogne as a Mr Creosote tribute act, almost immediately issued a Presidential decree that drinks (and the odd fag) should be taken every 15 overs.

Vik and Andy K opened up with impressively tight spells but the young Falkland openers responded with some dogged defence until one stolen single too many led to a run out. Then, with the run-rate hovering under three, the key phase of the game began. As Mr Admin bowled "incredibly boringly" (according to the umpire) from the Newfield End, Gerry replaced Usama at the Ferry Road End and, finally gaining proper reward for his consistent excellence this season, took 5-18, helped by fine catches from Nawaz (over his shoulder) and Mr Creosote (standing up). This was a superb spell of swing bowling and, crucially, included the wicket of the dangerous Mel Lowe who had started to up the run rate with some sweetly struck boundaries. Andy K returned to pick up a couple of wickets and the Falkland innings closed on 130-8.

After a table-groaning Arbo tea which seemed to have everything except the wafer thin mint, Cross set about the chase at a fierce pace, as if determined to impress our distinguished visitor, past-President Bill Bauermeister. Norrie fell early to a ball from Porteous that either kept very low (according to the Skipper) or was far too full to pull (according to just about everyone else). With Mr Admin joining Nawaz there were no more 3s but the pace barely slackened as the outfield dried and the boundaries came more easily. Nawaz continued his excellent recent form with a very stylish 48 (why do left-handers look so much more elegant than the rest of us?) and Mr Admin scored a rather less classy 50, before Ziggy and Andy Q saw us home to a seven wicket win in just 21 overs. Top work, celebrated, as part of a Cross clean sweep, with many jugs. More of the same next week might be enough to finally lift us out of 7th place.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Bang 1

Summer finally showed her sunny face this Saturday as the 1st's wound their merry way to the pleasant surrounds of Fettes School to renew acquaintances with our old friends Grange 2's.

With the sun shining down on a flat deck the skipper decided bowling first was the order of the day and stuck the Grange in. EC decided to open up with Shanners and Gary following his midweek michelle. Unfortunately he momentarily forgot the plan and threw yours truly the ball, fortunately he realised his error and made amends after one solitary over.

Shanners continued his great form of the season and was unlucky not to pick up a wicket or two in his first spell. Gary also continued his great start to his Cross career picking a up a couple of wickets in his first tight spell. Conditions weren't that easy for the bowlers especially in light of some solid Grange batting (apologies no book so I don't have names). The Grange opener hung around for quite some time surviving several appeals and the Grange no3 looked a very solid and handy bat, clattering a couple of big cover drives for 4.

If memory serves Grange had built a decent platform around drinks only 2 0r 3 down. Cross had bowled tightly without too many runs being added but without many wickets falling. Some very ropey fielding wasn't helping our cause, your author was particularly guilty when I rather worryingly lost control of my body somehow allowing the Grange to run a 5. Perhaps it was the heat but there was a definite air of lethargy in the first half of the Grange knock and at one point they looked to be heading towards a score of 250 plus.

Thankfully we were snapped out of our malaise, got a bit of fight and a very tight spell from Charlie backed up by Dougie and Pa.........The Bishop kept the run rate down and restricted the big no3's scoring (think he finished up with 70odd). As a result the other Grange batsman came in looking to up the run rate, whilst a few boundaries were dispatched we managed to contain any serious scoring and Stag wickets began to fall regularly. I think Gary picked up 3, and the rest were shared around equally amongst Bonners, CJE, Dougs and Bish? Special mention to Spickers who held 4 (5?) catches behind the stumps.

The skipper set the target of keeping Grange under 225 which was duly accomplished as at the end of the 50 overs they finished 210 for 8. In recent seasons we might we have let teams such as Grange off the hook in the second half of the game so it was pleasing to see us up our game in the 2nd half, even in the blistering heat.

After a splendid tea KF and Owais opened the Cross account in equally splendid fashion. Both Cross openers flayed the Grange bowling around the ground and we rushed to about 70 for no loss inside 10 overs (or thereabouts). Unfortunately Owais fell on 30 odd to a peach of a delivery from Philip and same bowler also did for Charlie with an equally commendable delivery. With KF and CA also falling around the same time we quickly tumbled to 90 odd for 4.

Grange had thier dander up, sensing a win and memories of the Crosslapso cricket of previous seasons began to creep into Cross minds. Spickers supplied further evidence to the hacking enquiry and despite the fact we batted all the way down, at drinks Grange were on top and we had undone KF and Owais good work.

It was imperative to stop hemorrhaging wickets and Shanon and EC did exactly this, cutting out the chances and just keeping the board ticking over. Just as they were beginning to open up again Shanners holed out to mid off for a good 30 odd to be replaced by Dougie. The skipper took up the need to hit a few boundaries displaying admiral spanksmanship with a number of hearty pulls. Unfortunately he failed to convert as well later on in the evening but that is another story.

Well supported by Dougs the skipper was caught on the boundary for a very good 40 odd. I can't remember exactly but at this point we needed just a above a run a ball for the last 6/7 overs. With your truly now in Dougs took up the challenge playing some admirable straight drives, good running and regular boundaries managed to see us home in about the 48th over, a well timed run chase. Credit in particular to Philip who looked like he has the makings of a good bowler and the Grange spinner who kept things very tight and bowled with lovely flight.

Pluses and minuses to take from the game from a Cross point of view, both in the field and with the bat. Our response when we were getting under the cosh was admirable as was people putting their hands up when required. Whilst this wasn't our best performance for a number of reasons it's a good sign to play poorly and still win. The next few weeks will define the season so lets hope we keep wining and have saved up a few good performances!

Activcity Trophy Tonight - OFF

After the bang, bang, bang of Saturday, a whimper. Our opponents haven't got a side out for tonight, handing us a walkover into Finals Day on Sunday at Myreside/Craiglockhart. Semi-final vs Fauldhouse with the winners to play Marchmont or Drummond-Trinity.

Tuesday update - Fauldhouse have had to drop out of the Finals Day as they have already have an SCU Trophy tie and a League game that day, so we'll be playing Morton at Myreside at 12.30.

Sunday, 24 July 2011


Saturday results digest (July 23rd)

Div 1-At Fettes

Grange 2nds 210-8
Holy Cross 211-7

Div 5-Arboretum
Falkland 3rds for 130/8. G. Lohan 5-18.
Holy Cross 2nds 131-3 (21 overs) J. Bates 53, N. Shazad 48.

Div 8-Campbell Pk
Holy X 3rds 190 for. PVB 83.
DT 128 all out after 32 overs.

Further details to follow.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Presidents Trophy

Presidents Trophy semi-final vs Leith confirmed for Sunday 7th August at Arbo.

Bishop Lynch...

CA somehow came across this whilst searching for this blog. He refers readers to paragraphs 3 & 4!!!

Holy Cross 50th Anniversary

In October 2007, Holy Cross Church celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

Bishop Peter Doyle, Bishop of the Northampton Diocese, celebrated Mass on Saturday 20th October. The church was consecrated with the sprinkling of holy water, the anointing with blessed oil and with incense.

The evening was also a celebration for Billy Walsh, who was awarded the Bene Merenti medal by Bishop Peter Doyle, for forty years of service to the church.

Mass on Sunday 21st October was celebrated by the Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark, Pat Lynch The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Order ( had served Holy Cross parish for over 25 years.

Bishop Pat Lynch also blessed and formally opened the new Pastoral Centre, built during the summer of 2007.

We give thanks for the achievements of the last 50 years, and look forward to the next.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Greatest Cricketing Moments

Vik recently emailed some of his greatest cricketing moments so I thought I would share some of mine....................not actually mine, the cameras managed to miss my 50* when Kineton High School under 14s destroyed Stratford High in the South Warwickshire schools cup, 1989. And the day I had 7 for...........and the time at............

Greatest over ever

Worst/best sledge

Best slower ball

Best crowd participation

Best fielding

Greatest spell of all time?

Worst moment in the history of cricket

Best idea for making the ashes an even contest

And finally fast forward to 7.35 to see 3 of the finest fours ever in the history of cricket, ever, fact, full stop,.

League Weekend 14 and the Week Ahead

Saturday's fixtures -
  • 1sts vs Grange 2nds, away at Fettes.
  • 2nds vs Falkland 3rds, at Arbo.
  • 3rds vs Drummond Trinity 2nds, home at Campbell Park.
The Rugby Club are having a barbecue on Saturday evening and have again kindly invited anyone who wants to to join in on a BYOB (bring your own burgers) basis. Good practice for our own barbie on Saturday 30th.

Midweek -
  • Monday 25th, Activcity Trophy quarter-final vs Leith at Arbo.
  • Thursday 28th, friendly vs Edinburgh University Staff at Arbo.
Please note that, should we beat Leith, we will be involved in the Activcity finals day on Sunday 31st July.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Parks Final - OFF. Botham Documentary - ON.

Unfortunately Newfield is unplayable. Wednesday 3rd August is the most likely new date, but nothing confirmed as yet.

Those still looking for a dose of cricketing heroics need not be too disappointed, however, as BBC2 is marking the 30th anniversary of the epic 1981 Ashes series with a documentary, Sir Ian Botham: The Legend of the 1981 Ashes. 9pm tonight. Top viewing for all Crossers. Well, all bar two ......

McGill's youthful Midweekers Master Mud

As ever we had a close an enjoyable game vs C & B - despite the wet pitch and the gloomy evening
(not helped by some classic HX tardiness which delayed the start of the game unnecessarily by 15 minutes.......yes guys, you are free to put out flags, tables etc...). The HX XI featuring 5 players under the age of 25....though two of these were Corstorphine CC players.

Some solid batting - with some good boundaries also struck. Followed up by some good bowling (Osama and Suli the pick) and some lively fielding: Ossie, Osama and Nawaz constituting a rather more athletic cover field that usually seen at Arbo.. two good run outs resulting.

Good knocks from Halcrow and Anwar in the gloom (plus Michael's traditional 1 over spell) set up a tight finish-C & B needing 4 off the last ball to tie-was well struck by Daniel but straight at the fielder.

Holy Cross 126/6 (20 overs)
C. Ellis 45 (27), S. Malik 20 (22), V. Gaware 15 (12)
K. Crichton 2/26, Kaeside 2/30

Currie and Balerno 121/5 (20 overs)
G. Halcrow 50*, F. Anwar 30. Kirk Crichton...2nd ball duck..

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Parks Trophy Final - WEDNESDAY

Holy Cross take on our old friends MDafs on Wednesday evening in the final of the Parks Trophy.

This is 9 years since our last appearance in the Parks final (we think - a narrow loss at Newfield vs Edinburgh CC....let's not mention the 1996 final loss) .....and even longer since we last won it: in 1990 (we also won in 1986).

Venue: Newfield

Game starts at 6pm sharp.

Can all those playing aim to get there for 5.40-or earlier. Supporters most welcome. The bar at Arbo will be open from 8pm onwards.

MATCH OFF-Newfield is unplayable...

Monday, 18 July 2011

5 under 30 !

[Andy G reports on the 3rds game at Dunfermline. Some of the references may be lost on older readers...well me at least. cje].

The car journey through was quite a fun one hearing stories from the night before (Ted's clubbing tactics) and learning that Jonny Ladd hasn't set foot in fingers [that sounds painful] - I feel the Holy X BBQ team should head there next sat so Ladd can see the big time. The 'young team' (Andy G, Cunningham, Ted and Jonny) arrived first at Dunfermline to be greeted by a 'sweet old man' who asked us if it would be possible to help him remove the covers from the strip. What we didn't realise was that we were about to reveal the wettest wicket we had ever seen - the old boy wasn't happy at the ''f****** f*** c****'' who had played on it the day before and had ruined his precious surface! [I feel his pain].

Fortunately the pitch had an artificial strip [um -that sentence would profit from a re-write] so it was game on but not before an inquiry about the number of ringers in the Holy X side!! One Dunfermline player stated that he hadn't seen a HX 3rd XI with so many youngsters - with 5 under 30 yrs old: AG's secret plan to get rid of anyone over 45 youth policy is obviously working!!

Skip Lawrie won the toss and elected to field - an excellent decision! We opened with Matt Cunningham and Keith Geddes. After giving Malinga a few pointers midweek, Matt took wickets in his 1st and 2nd overs with balls that swung both ways as well as moving off the seam in each direction [??]. He took a third later in his spell. Bowling very well, Matt could have had a handful [hatful?]- Russell Eberst pulling off a fantastic dive which came millimetres from the catch of his the century. Keith joined the party [surely he's been a member since he was 18?] too by adding 2 of his own - inc. the old codger from the start - an annoyed Keith bowled an extra quick one after the old boy requested that the next (''c***'') batsman stopped warming up in the nets!

After bowling their overs out, Keith and Matt combined had 5 wickets for around 40 runs. Now it was time for the youth policy to take full effect - Coco and Ellis Snr stepped to the plate [bloody Americanisms!].

Both bowled with the complete lack of pace guile and elegance that has come to be expected by the 3s. The wickets tumbled, including Dunfermline's very young and very good opening batsman (unsure of name) who scored 44 with no lives lost [?? lets hope not..only a game etc..] before he sucumed to Ellis Snr's bowling and was caught by Graham at mid off. Ellis Snr ended up with 4 wickets and Coco 1 [grrrr] - via a top spinner that dipped right at the last second (lovely!).

Special mention to a top fielding effort - the best display I've seen all year [praise indeed!] with the batsmen hardly getting the ball off the square and very few 4s being hit; thanks to Ted on the offside chasing hard to the boundary! (good to see he had some energy left..) Nick Jones took his first Cross catch (a jug) [why was he catching a jug during a cricket match?] and Jonny Ladd was even eager to get the helmet on at silly mid on ... What a lad! [this is getting smutty].

Final score 81 all out. We were offered tea either then or after our innings but wise words came from Ted Allat ''We should have tea now ... The hangover needs fed!''

Cracking tea BTW! [that's 'by the way', btw]

Opening the batting were Coastal and Dave Gilmour Mike Nevin. They made around 30 which gave us a solid platform. There was the usual dodgy running between the wickets until Mike got an edge to the wickey from the batsman [not a bowler?] who scored all their runs (he got all their wickets too) [ I understand]. Their leg spinner was on form, getting Matt and Ken via edges too!

At around 50-3 Andy G (24*) and Ellis Snr (14*) finished off the innings by spanking the ball around. Andy G hit the leggy for 3 fours in a row obviously all classical cover drives slog sweeps!

A brilliant victory for the Cross one which will be remembered for Ellis Snr's wickets, Andy G's pulling, Ted's pulling the night before and some awesome fielding!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

1st XI v Boroughmuir (including full match highlights)

On the way to Arbo on Saturday I was surprised my canoe wasn't inundated as I negotiated the Morningside rapids, however by the time I reached Loch Tollcross the monsoon had subsided a little and I could see where I was going again. As I pulled my vessel ashore at Arboretum Island I was incredulous to see the top of some stumps just above the waterline where the square once was.  Assured that the pitch was "hard underneath" we decided not to let a little bit of surface water put us off. Also, with various bowlers trying to break into our West Indian pace quartet, it would also have been handy to injure at least one, if not both of two of the present quartet, Lynch & Bainbridge, to ease future selection issues.

Despite the horrific batting conditions, the slow outfield and the idea that the pitch could only improve as the day wore on, skipper Smith still decided to put the oppo in when he won the toss, a u-turn on his previous double-bluff policy of insisting on the hardest course of action for his battle hardened team.

Promising youngster Lynch opened up at the Harbour End and using a dark red rubber duck, like some prehistoric God, he managed to extract some life from the bog of primordial soup. One mistimed hook shot was skyed, landing just short of fine leg, there was a great appeal for LBW and young Pat was looking forward to his second over.

Alack, Australians it seems are made of sterner stuff than their Anglo forefathers (or at least, their boots are).  Bambi (shurely Bimbo?) skited in from the Castle End managing two deliveries with relative assurance before the third ended in near tragedy.

Like Ronaldo running past an outstretched boot, Bainbro began a protracted and motion-heavy descent to the deck. The resulting wave shook boats loose from their moorings at Rosyth, but the Bimbo refused to stay down (because he would have drowned) and swam straight back to his feet.

As usual, the batsmen were coping fine in the conditions, but the bowlers, the poor delicate precious bowlers had to be protected. The skippers had a quick discussion and to abate any further high pitched whinging from Dougie et al, it was decided that with nine balls bowled, eight runs, nay wickets, the game was up the bogey.

Full match highlights here

President's Trophy match off

Arbo square waterlogged.

no news yet re 3rds at Dunfermline

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Bates and Zig propel 2nds.

Div 1 (Arboretum)

Boroughmuir 8-0 (1.4 overs) vs Holy Cross.

match abandoned-pitch deemed to be too wet to continue.

Div 5 (Inverleith Park-Artificial)
[delayed start-match reduced to 40 overs per side]

Holy Cross 2nds 251/3 (40 overs)
J. Bates 103, A. Cydzik 64*, N. Webb 37.

OC's 169/7 (40 overs).
V. Mohanan 38, K. Thompson 34, A. Tocher 31

Friday, 15 July 2011

League Weekend 13 and the Week Ahead

Saturday's fixtures -
  • 1sts vs Boroughmuir, at Arbo.
  • 2nds vs Old Contemptibles on the Inverleith Park artificial.
Sunday's fixtures (yes, fixtures) -
  • 1sts vs Stirling County 2nds in the Presidents Trophy Quarter Final (winners at home to Leith on Sunday 24th) at Arbo, 1pm start.
  • 3rds vs Dunfermline 3rds, away.
Midweek -
  • Tuesday 19th, friendly vs Currie-Balerno at Arbo.
  • Wednesday 20th, Parks Trophy final vs Murrayfield DAFS at Newfield.

The Final Cut

Crossers will have heard about the imprisonment of Charlie Gilmour.
How will his father feel about it?-how will he react. Perhaps by whacking some bowlers around in Dunfermline on Sunday....

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hacking Inquiry Latest

Alleged hacking
Polis are to investigate hacking allegations made against an unnamed Holy Cross wicketkeeper this website understands. Although rumours of his hacking have circulated in the East League for many years, damning new evidence emerged late on Monday evening.

Followers of a tory leadership hopeful’s Facebook page were shocked when photos of the hacking actually taking place were posted.

Far from distancing themselves from the hacker, it seems that hacking has been prevalent throughout Holy Cross CC for a number of years. An unnamed player said “yeah, we hack all the time, usually we don’t even realise we’re doing it”.

The Polis released a statement on Tuesday morning saying “We can assure members of the public that we have investigated this matter thoroughly. A fully resourced team of senior detectives scrutinised the photo’s with help from experts from the FBI. We can categorically state that this photo shows a text book cover drive and there is nothing more to see here, move along or I’ll taser you, swab your DNA and sell your details to the press.”

The Club President was unavailable for comment having recently suffered a minor automobile accident in Buenos Aires here.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Cross knock out Widows with Semi win

Cross were cooking by Gaz to hold on for a Parks Trophy Final showdown with MDafs next Wednesday at Edinburgh Academy's New Field.

1st XI debutant Gary Trewartha took 5 for 6 off 3.5 overs as Cross tried their best to throw away the game after a strong bowling performance!

However, with the beautiful evening drawing to a close over Fortess Arbo, Charlie & Vikram held their nerve to see Cross through for the chance of some silverware this summer.

All the pictures from the Semi Final class are here on
Broonster's Facebook

Of course, if you dont want to wait until someone gets round to posting a story on the Blog, you can (normally) get up to the minute Crosstastic action updates on our Twitter Feed. Go to @HXCricket

Monday, 11 July 2011

Trewartha Triggers Trophy Triumph

Scottish Widows 71a0 (15.5 overs)

K. Ramischand 25, E. Pickmere 17*
S. Bonfield 3/012/0
R. Bainbridge 2/1/9/2
C. Ellis 1/0/10/0
P. Lynch 4/0/16/2
G. Trewartha 3.5/0/6/5
V. Gaware 1/0/9/o
C. A. Smith 1/0/8/1

Holy Cross 72-4 (17.3 overs)

C. A. Smith 25, C. Ellis 25*
E. Pickmere 2/6

Read all about it

Last night I recieved a text from Tillekeratne Dilshan informing me he'd just bumped into a top Scottish Cricketer on Princes St.

"I'd been hanging about all day with my autograph book hoping to meet one of the Holy Cross Cricket team" said Dilshan, "then, just as I was giving up hope of ever seeing one of my heroes, around the corner strolled Ellis Charles".

Ellis was in action on Saturday blazing his way to 222* against Victoria FCC as 'the Cross' reached 47-17 in a league decider somewhere near Glasgow. Fortunately for the Glaswegian villagers the game had to be abandoned before Charles could take 10 wickets probably for no runs.

"I've memorised Charlie's book 'Coco - Chicago's Worst Pitch' ( book link ) and have never given my wicket away since" gushed the Sri lankan captain. "It was much better than that nonsense his captain wrote about what to do when its wet, overcast, the pitch is a bog and your up against the best attack in the league on their own patch ( book link )". Although I thought he did look a bit worse for wear, maybe it was the recent floods in Morningside".

Charlie Ellis invented the "Chuck".

Norrie Tastic & Ziggy Licious were unavailable for comment.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

THE TRUTH: Noz and Zig's Arbo Adventure

In next Sunday's News of the World...

the story that has shamed Holy Cross Academicals CC.

the true story of Noz and Zig's Arbo Adventure....aka the longest 'pitch inspection' in history...
the drink, the women, the blackouts...the unusual sleeping arrangements....

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Abandon all hope.

Breaking News ... All matches abandoned...

At Eastfield Park, Fauldhouse

Holy Cross 47 for 7 after 29 overs

Raja Sandhu 4 for 16 off 8
Alan McDonald 1 for 3 off 7

C. Ellis 22 not out

Early tea taken as rain got stronger...then it became a monsoon leaving an already soft pitch flooded.

2nds (Arboretum)
3's reached 159-4 then the heavens opened...

3rds (Roseburn-Artificial)
were 20-odd for one chasing 95 when it got too wet..

..further breaking news... Presidents Trophy match vs Stirling County 2's on Sunday-postponed.

The Sham before the Storm - McGill's Midweekers sunk without trace

With the sky above Edinburgh opening up and drenching the Capital on Friday, it was perhaps an ominous sign the night before at Arbo when McGill's Midweekers leaked wickets with consummate ease against OCCC.

A bit of rain in Edinburgh on Friday!

Not much can be said about the game to be fair other than Princess Huffy aka Matt Cunningham was throwing his bat around for a second day in a row at Arbo but this time connecting with the ball. His retiral was perhaps one of the very few highlights of the night.

With the 1st XI up at Boroughmuir on Activcity Cup duty, the Midweekers pulled together a nucleus of a side and in the true spirit of T20 friendly cricket, the oppo 'loaned' a couple of fielders to the hosts, one of them taking two catches to allow Matt to take back to back wickets!

Overall, a pretty comprehensive win by the OCCC, a splinter group formed out of the Cross a few years back. Cross reaching 102, OCCC storming past that total with 33 balls to spare.

The game also saw the return of Callum McIntosh to Arbo following his defection to Tranent CC. His trigger finger seeing McGill return to the sheds for his second duck in a week at Arbo. Surely a Club Record?

McGill's magic fails to shine

Friday, 8 July 2011


Poetry in motion

Hey fans, I've been given access to our hallowed site!!! No more sanitised articles from your favourite scribe!!! Full on slander from now on...

However, in this day and age, when imposters abound in cyberspace, I've stumbled across something truly appalling on t'internet. For the sake of clarity, I have to ensure all my fans know that this link is not me!!!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Cross Stay Active

Activcity Trophy-at Meggetland (7th July).

Boroughmuir 124-7 (20 overs)
M. Sachdeva 45, S. Ahmed 21, Ashish 20*
Bonfield 4/0/20/1
Lynch 4/0/19/1
Russell 4/0/23/0
Ellis 4/0/29/2
C. A. Smith 4/0/24/2

Holy Cross 125-6 (17.3 overs)
S. Pickering 41, C. Ellis 18, V. Gaware 17.
A. Talreja 3/16

A steady enough performance but we perhaps ought to have won more more comfortably against an under-strength Boroughmuir side. We were slighty sloppy in the field and the bowling was ok/god rather than outstanding.
Anyway 124 was not a big score given the outfield-though the pitch was tricky: Talreja hitting the ridge at the 'Slateford end' quite regularly.
After a strong start (led by Spick) a mid-innings wobble gave Boroughmuir hope. Some sensible batting (assisted by some looser back-up bowling) took us past the B'Muir score.

elsewhere, Coco's midweekers were apparently 'mashed by OCCC with overs & wickets to spare at Arbo.

League Weekend 12 and the Week Ahead

Weekend fixtures -
  • Saturday, 1sts away at Fauldhouse.
  • Saturday, 2nds vs Watsonians 3rds at Arbo.
  • Saturday, 3rds vs Murrayfield DAFS 4ths at Roseburn on the artificial track.
  • Sunday, Presidents Trophy QF vs Stirling County 2nds at Arbo, 1 pm start.
Midweek -
  • Monday, Parks Trophy SF vs Scottish Widows at Arbo.
  • Tuesday, friendly vs Murrayfield DAFS at Arbo.

The Spirit of Cricket

If you were listening to the radio commentary on yesterday's ODI, you may have heard extracts from Kumar Sangakkara's extraordinary and controverisal MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture. The full speech is available here on the Lord's website.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Annual Holy Cross BBQ - Early Warning!!

In a blatant and gratuitous attempt to grab your attention I'm taking the bold effort of announcing the date for the annual club BBQ early as opposed to the traditional 3 days beforehand.

It seems the fixture list has declared 30th of July to be the auspicious date when all teams play in closest proximity to each other.

As always it is an open event and with this much notice there no excuses for not bringing your partner, kids or friends along. *

* The club accepts no responsibility for the fallout of your partner discovering how and with who you spend so much of your precious summers weekends.

Monday, 4 July 2011

KF and Shanton reign in the sun

On the best day of the year so far the 1sts travelled to Roseburn to meet our old friends the Mufs. With the return fixture called off in April and the Mufs going well on their return to the top flight there was keen interest in the fixture, hence our near full strength squad. Only the skipper was missing so KF returned from injury and Ziggy came in to strengthen the batting on a usually bowler friendly Roseburn deck.

Spickers had the honour of again leading the team seeking to continue a good run of wins. The Cross spy had reported a green top awaiting us so it was of little consequence when the Mufs skip put us in to bat. Owais and KF opened up with KF playing a foil to Owais' swashbuckling start. One particularly large 6 had the unfortunate consequence of scattering a bevvy of bikini clad sunbathing wenches camped out at the long leg boundary. After a good start it was a shame when Owais fell in the 30's but KF picked up where he left of. Supported by CJE (25) and CA, KF went on to make a classy 50 odd. As we all know KF is a modest fellow, too modest to write a match report that he top scored in, but he truly is a great of the game, a legend no less.

After KF and CA fell, Shanners and Ziggy made a few handy runs with Dougster adding quite a few at the end. Mufs bowled well in the midsummer heat and runs aren't easy to come by at Roseburn so it was pleasing to see the Cross batsman put the odd bad ball away and run well for 2's. Captain Spickers reckoned 170 would be dependable and 200 plenty, so to wind up on 196 for 8 was a good effort.

After tea and learning of the 3's capitulation Spickers reminded us how poor the fielding had been midweek and we needed to get amongst the Muffs right from start. A great start from Robin had Muffs 2 down with Shanners keeping it tight from the other end and quite quickly the run rate began to creep up. Muffs did threaten from time to time with Mohamed striking some good straight drives and the Muffs opener hanging around, however a combination of tight bowling and regular wickets meant things were ticking along quite nicely. Dougs and Shanners picked up the odd wicket which brought Agerkar to the crease needing to up the run rate. The Muffs stalwart brought them back into the game helped by some adventurous stroke play and a particularly rank over from your author. However excellent spells from Pat and Dougster kept the squeeze on and when Agerkar fell in the 40's nothing could save Mufs from Shanton's superb last spell, which very nearly included a hat trick. Shanton finished with 4, 3 for Robin, and 1 a piece for me, Dougs and Pat and the Mufs were out for 141.

Special mention must also go to Spickers for taking an excellent diving catch in front of 3rd slip and to Pat for an equally spectacular diving effort at mid off, erasing all memories of.........

All in all a very good performance where everyone contributed to a solid win. Thanks to Mufs for the hospitality.

The HX committee may like to note the upgrade in Mufs facilities including a bowling machine, collapseable nets and sightscreen.

2nd XI go down (Ooh missus) in a thriller at the Meadows.

[Nozzer's take on the match versus Morton 1st XI]

On the first Saturday in July the summer decided to make a welcome visit to the Meadows.

Norrie as usual elected to lose the toss and the Morton skipper perhaps learning lessons from the previous week decided to put the Cross into bat.

Irfan and Nipun were given the inevitable task of leading the charge at the Meadows on a pitch which historically can play tricks on the mind. Both seemed to find there feet in the early exchanges before Nipun -for the second week running -fell victim to the dreaded LBW rule. Smudger, umpiring took a bit of time before raising the finger which signalled the end of Nipun (on a footnote when asked later, why the hesitation –“I was thinking of anyway not to give him out however I could not find one”. Next up was JB the scourge of Morton the previous week however this week with 22 to his name a faint edge saw the keeper and everyone else in Morton go up in the air as did the finger of Mr Killey so back to the sidelines and the score was sitting at 25 for 2. Nawaz quickly followed, failing to trouble the scorers for the first time this season.

Norrie then came to the crease and after facing five deliveries an almighty shout went up for LBW. However, the skip had clearly hit even though it seemed he was the only man in the Meadows who was aware of this, after a short delay and to the total disbelief of the skip up went the finger OUT!!!!! Norrie made the point that he had hit it although it seemed to no avail. As the skip tripped off still protesting his bewilderment at the wrongdoing, in an act of great sportsmanship the Morton team beckoned him back to the crease and the decision was reversed. An act of fantastic sportsmanship which should be reflected on as this was a massive game for Morton; they showed competiveness throughout but mixed this with respect to both the game of cricket and to their opposition.

Irfan and Norrie then set about getting into the Morton attack and in the process Irfan reached his maiden fifty for the two’s. The score quickly got up to 120 + before Norrie was bowled for 33. Andy Millington arrived at the crease and he kept it safe [?] as Irfan kept finding the boundary at regular intervals. Two quick wickets fell -Millington and new man Trewartha following cheaply. This brought to the crease the inform Vikram, who was reminded that no sixes had been scored today. He promised the skip that this would not happen as it was playing ‘heavy’ today (????) A swashbuckling 29 then followed and you guessed it, it included two sixes, one of which- had it not hit the tree- may well have popped in for tea at Grange Loan. Irfan then fell, scoring a magnificent 83: batting beautifully in the process and cementing his place in the two’s - sorry Ken!!!, Vikram eventually went attempting another wee hit to the boundary!! Andy Killey and Smudger took us through to the end of our 45 overs (first time this season we have batted out) and giving us the grand total of 198 for 8 [one more than the 1sts score!].

All things considered, a very good score to defend.

Morton's openers came to the crease facing Gaware and Killey and they proved to be very hard to score off with Killey getting one of the previous week’s danger men caught sharply in the slips by Smudger. The bowling from the opening two was very tight especially from Vikram who was unfortunate to miss the bat more times than seemed possible. A couple of solid partnerships then swung the game in the favour of Morton: Karthick (39) and Veera (27) suddenly made 198 look a little vulnerable. Smudger was getting the ball to swing around and he got the scalps of Karthick and Veera both LBW. This brought Nathan to the crease.

After scoring 64 the previous week, we knew that he was the danger man and a very good bat. Unfortunately he did not let us his team down playing a series of well timed shots and scoring 48 in the process before falling to Vikram who at last got his rewards: edging through to the new keeper of the two’s our fourth in six weeks: Mr Millington [!!]. There is no misprint here Millington who in jest the skip thought offered to keep wicket and when realising the skip thought he was joking pleaded for the chance, when asked for his credentials to undertake such a mammoth task (ask Shifty or Spickers about that) gave the now famous answer for the Cross “I kept wicket at school".

The game was now getting to squeaky bum time as from cruising along at 116 for 4, quick wickets from Killey and one from Usama had the score sitting at 178 for 7: suddenly the game was in the balance and two wickets in two balls and Morton were 192 for 9 with 7 required. Try as we may we could not get the elusive last wicket despite several near misses and shout for a run out. Well played to Morton it was a very exciting spectacle where both teams gave it their all on a glorious summer’s day.

Special mentions go to Irfan for a fantastic knock, Andy Killey, Vikram for their aggressive and successful bowling and Gary T for a fantastic debut for the Cross and let’s not forget Mr Millington who took three catches behind the stumps.

Many plusses to take from the last two weeks where we have taken 30 points from 40 against a previously undefeated team who are top of the league lots to be positive on and that is what we should concentrate on for the rest of the season. A special mention and thanks to Nipun who returns to India this week before heading back to Aberdeen this may be his last game for the club for some time we wish him success for the future and thank him for all of the entertainment he has given us with the bat, good luck friend.


Irfan 83

Nipun 4

JB 22

Nawaz 0


A. Millington 6

Gary 1

Vikram 29

AKilley 2

Smudger 1

Usama DNB


Vikram 9-2-17-1

A Killey 9-0-36-4

G. Trewwartha 9-3-29-1

JBates 4.4-0-33-0

Smudger 8-0-45-2

Usama 3-0-23-1

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Parks Trophy

Parks Trophy semi-final vs Scottish Widows at Arbo confirmed for Monday 11th July.

Captain Andy shoulders blame for 3's Smellies stinker!

With the 3rds always the Bridesmaids and never the Bride, it was an honour bestowed on Captain Chaos Andy Graham to lead his 3rds to a day at Arbo.

The sun was shining but unfortunately it was an interested spectators SON that shone brightly. The teenage Allan was on fire, taking an incredible 5 Cross wickets for a miserly 6 runs! His dad reliably informing us that he doesn't even get a chance to bowl for the school....

Nevin was first back to the sheds and it was Allan who unsurprisingly took the catch! 5-1.

Mahmood was clearly missing his opening partner and decided to rejoin him, trapped LBW and Lohan gave him the finger without delay. 20-2 after 7 overs.

It went from 41-3 to 44-5 as Allan quickly despatched Cunningham & Williamson, with the former throwing his dummy out the pram, his bat to the ground and his batting gloves across Arbo!

Coco came - and Coco went. Reaching out for the unreachable and a slight nick was caught behind. 44-5 and it was looking grim.

Ellis Snr was next to fall, LBW to yip, you guessed it and seconds later Ghafur was gone for a duck.

Lohan was skittled and Michael from the Rugby Club done well to miss the ball as often as the bowler missed the stumps. Finally, the Cross were put out their misery.

Sunday sees the Stockbridge Duck Race and the 3s were challenging them for the amount of ducks on show in one afternoon. We saw 4 at Arbo....

After Tea, a Cross 3's team took to the field with an unusual look to it - there were at least 4 without a bus pass!

An early breakthough from Captain Chaos in the 2nd over gave hope but Andy was quickly showing signs of pain as he clutched his shoulder - was it a torn heart-ilage at the prospect of a crashing defeat? The Broonster twice asking if a replacement fielder was required such was the concern..

Sadly, in the 15th over, it was erm, over. Fortress Arbo had it's gates battered - but not breached.

When will Arbo see it's likes again? Judging by other comments on here, not likely for a while...

All the match photos on Broonster's Facebook

Saturday, 2 July 2011

3rd XI disgrace the club: 2nds just miss out, Ists beat Mufs

If Broonster had been at Roseburn he would have captured something like this-Pat and Spick both taking superb diving catches.

Div 1 (at Roseburn)

Holy Cross 197-7
K. Fraser 56, O. Mazher 31, C. Ellis 26, D. Russell 26*

Murrayfield-London Road -Dafs-Roseburn-Cramond-Edinburgh CC 141 ao (42 overs)
M. Agerkar 47, A. Mohammed 24, Hays 22,
S. Bonfield 4-21, Worsnop 3-31

further details to follow...perhaps KF or Bimbo will provide a match report...
Evening News Div 1 summary here.

Div 5 at (The Meadows)
Holy Cross 2's - 197/8
Morton 1's 198/9

Div 8 (at Arboretum)

HX 3rds 72 all out (wtf!!!!)
SMRH 73-3

Following this shameful performance, the 3rd XI have been barred (by the club central committee) from playing at Arboretum for a period of 5 years.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Undercover photography reveals Mufs' desperate measures

In order to counter the HX pace seam quintet, Mufs have been panicked into acquiring a bowling machine capable of recreating the speed and movement of the Cross attack. Unfortunately it isn't able to recreate the deliveries of the '5th man', as it doesn't have a setting below 40 mph.

The other picture shows the dry, grass-less surface that is being prepared to subdue the Cross seamers. Luckily we can counter this by fielding at least two front-line spinners with Ziggy's mystery variations as back up.