Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Vital Statistics

Scott and Charlie are getting ever closer to completing the epic work begun by Hugh and producing a complete set of Holy Cross statistics all the way back to 1950. All that now seems to be missing are the 2004 averages for the 3rd XI. If anyone has carefully archived CoCo's end of season figures please comment below.

Season's First Rain-Off

If today's omens are anything to go by, it could be a long, wet summer. Tonight's East League pre-season meeting has been cancelled because of the rain, as it was feared that few of the non-Edinburgh clubs would be able to attend. Surely the first time that the weather has caused an indoor fixture to be rearranged ?

Perhaps we should take a leaf out of English cricket's book and start the season in the sunny Middle East - hotel rooms must be a good deal cheaper after the property bust .....

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Drama as Cross veterans survive attack.

There were dramatic scenes at today’s net session as two Crossers were the targets of ‘mafia-style’ hits.

Colin McGill was struck both in the kneecap and the side of the head while a projectile also grazed the forehead of Ken Lawrie.

Rumours that it was part of a wider attempt to lower the average age of the club membership were quickly rejected (though the unexplained absence of Messrs C. O. Smith, Ellis Snr, Din, etc added some credence to this).

Some concerns were expressed about any possible effects on Colin’s brain when –after regaining his balance- he began to mutter about an incident in the 1978 season when he took 6-13 but was still dropped by the selection committee (for smoking whilst batting and drinking whilst scoring).

Concerns that this indicated that he might have lost part of his memory were quickly allayed when it was pointed out that cricket seasons 1976-84 were a regular part of his discourse.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Midweek Schedule

Here's the preliminary evening 20:20 line-up.
  • Tuesday 18th May, Masterton vs Murrayfield-DAFS, Arbo.
  • Tuesday 25th May, vs Standard Life, Newfield - either the Parks 2nd round tie, if SL beat the Botanics, or a friendly, if they don't (we have a 1st round bye).
  • Tuesday 1st June, vs EU Staff, Arbo.
  • Tuesday 15th June, vs Edinburgh South, Arbo.
  • Thursday 24th June, vs Bellevue Chapel, Arbo.
  • Thursday 1st July, vs Maccabi, Arbo.
  • Thursday 8th July, vs Old Contemptibles, Arbo - cancelled.
  • Tuesday 13th July, vs Murrayfield-DAFS, Away.
  • Tuesday 27th July, vs Currie-Balerno, Arbo - cancelled.
  • Tuesday 3rd August, vs Scottish Widows, Arbo.
  • Thursday 12th August, vs Tranent, Arbo.
  • Tuesday 17th August, vs EU Staff, Away.

Budget blow for Cross legend


Monday, 15 March 2010

Twenty 20 vision

Crossers with a preference for the vulgar and unrefined may like to know that IPL 3.0 is being shown on ITV 4 and online at:


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Saturday, Saturday - Nets and Frets

Saturday sees two opportunities for Crossers to come together and move arthritically gracefully. First, at noon, we have the second session of pre-season nets at the Galleon sports hall at George Watson's on Colinton Road.

Then, later on Gerry's band, Doc Rodent, are playing at the Hide underneath the Argyle Bar from 9.15. G always puts these things so much better, so here is the opportunity in his own words.

Yes ... the Argyle. Known to cricketers the world over. Known to Crossers who have slunk there after a drubbing from Marchmont. Or not.

Well here's a chance to warm up for the cricket season. Down to the nets ... then watch the rugby ... then watch the Rodents. Then leave the country. Can't say fairer than that.

See you there, my dears.

President Warns of Cross Cull.

Just to warn potential miscreants that our club president will not hesitate to follow the example set today by the Pakistan Cricket Board:


His unofficial spokesman made it clear that any hint of indiscipline or indeed any evidence of ‘player power’ undermining club unity will result in severe penalties.

No one can consider themselves safe from punishment…even the safety committee.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Twenty 20 debate

Crossers' favourite author Gideon Haigh takes part in this discussion of
Twenty 20 'cricket' that may interest some of you:


Friday, 5 March 2010

1st Nets

Remember nets start tomorrow (Saturday 6th).


Location – The Galleon (aka George Watson’s sports hall), Colinton Road, EH10 5EG.

Non-attendance is not an option.


A good turnout at our first session with some new faces showing promise. Hopefully we won't all be too stiff tomorrow and Monday...

Just to reiterate that 1st team players are welcome to attend these sessions...